Fly Bye Birdie

Tap to flap and get Birdie home!

Help Birdie get home! Tap anywhere on the screen to fly Birdie over the ground, flapping past the shrubs, and under obstacles. Collect as many breadcrumbs as possible along the way. Get combos for extra points. Collect special breadcrumbs for bonuses!

Learn to “fly” with your tapping skills. When you’re ready, help Birdie’s friends get home too. Each birdie has its own way of flying, testing and training your skills.

Fly Bye Birdie is easy to play. It’s a challenge to master. It’s up you to get Birdie home! Now on Android. Comin soon to Amazon, and iOS.


Blog - Fly Bye Birdie Is Ready To Play

Fly Bye Birdie is now ready for players to enjoy. It’s been a long fun road to get here, but I’ve finally gotten Fly Bye Birdie ready for prime time. You can tap anywhere on the screen to make your Birdie flap and fly, collecting Breadcrumb coins along the way. Make it to your Birdie’s Bird House to complete each level. The game starts you off with the Blue Birdie, but there are other Birdies to choose. For a limited time, I’m allowing players to pick the Red Birdie for FREE. He normally costs 100 Breadcrumbs. I’ll update the list of Birdie options to include more Birdies, Bird Houses, etc. Stay tuned for more funtastic updates. Go play Fly Bye Birdie today!

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Hi. I’m Lorenzo Kirkpatrick, a graphic designer, illustrator, and interactive media developer. Proficient in print, video, and interactive design, I have worked on various projects involving brochures, indoor and outdoor banners, book illustration, calendars, video production and direction, character design and animation, website design and interactive media. And, video games.

In 2017, Lemon Pepper Games was started as an independent game development studio.  With an eye for design and a heart for fantastic interactive experiences, Lemon Pepper Games endeavors to bring you fun-tastic games to play.